We are hiring

Cloudxls does one thing and does it well. We absorb all the excel pain, so developers can work in harmony again. We’re looking for the same mindset before we start looking at your skills. If you get excited by this mission, you should definitely apply for one of these positions.

We work fully remotely and have been doing so before it was a thing.

Customer Success & Content Creator

Full-time or part-time / Fully Remote

Cloudxls wants to be a source of great information in the programming community. In order to do this, we want to produce content that helps and inspires people to build better user experiences with better Excel exports and reports. We are looking for someone to lead this effort.

Your skills
  • Your English is excellent (both verbal and in writing)
  • You love our mission
  • You have some technical knowledge and/or affinity with programming
  • You like to work at a company in its growth phase with a proven business model, actual revenue and an experienced team
  • You can pick the brains of our developers for technical knowledge, and translate it into content that developers of all levels enjoy
  • You like to work remote
Your profile

We welcome people of all backgrounds, genders and orientations to apply to this position. Experience in a similar role is nice, but not needed. Education in this field is nice, but not necessary.