HTTP API to Read & Write Excel files


Support XLS and XLSX for data imports in your web-app or scraper.

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Turn messy CSV dumps into user-friendly & native Excel spreadsheets.

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Update specific areas of any given Excel file. Great for reports.

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Read API

Bulletproof data imports

Let your users upload any spreadsheet format. We auto-detect and convert them, so that your app can work with structured data.

Scrape Excel Files

Avoid hundreds of little bugs and time-wasters when trying to scrape xls(x) files. Just convert it with cloudxsl to JSON or CSV.


Write API

Support International Users

Excel does not properly open CSV in UTF-8. That means languages other than English won't display properly.

Better UX for Exports

Open CSV dump, resize columns, reformat numbers, fix weird characters. Every. Single. Time.

What your users see...

Before Open/import CSV directly:

Csv unicode problems 1 170403adb128fb488d02befbfedd18453880381adc92affff507bb9f5a3e0b21
Csv 63d4bdb9500bbbbabf2c35b824b3a5c413e60d072fa36ec6b50e76950583cdb9 Download CSV or Preview Data

After cloudxls converts to xls(x):

Cloudxls unicode support 1 460c243286b01c8e99f4dedeacdf0af535715b4c8a94ad2db956492aec92709e
# sample code
curl \
  -F 'data_url='



Our API has handled millions of Excel files and did not break a sweat.

API operates directly on the HTTP stream to optimize turn-around speed.

Auto-detects data types, adjusts column widths and has sensible defaults.

Blazing Fast

Writes xls(x) at 3MB/sec *)

Large Files

Handles large files (> 100MB) with ease.

*) tested on a EC2 c4.large (2 vCPU, 4GB) instance

Advanced Features

  • Reads/Writes both xls and xlsx
  • Multiple sheets per spreadsheets
  • Hidden and password protected sheets
  • Formulas and charts through templates
  • Append data to a target xls(x) file
  • Formulas and cell formats



Cloudxls on premises or cloud 8c271d741c2543d17dd550a2539a3f7d5a38bcc0663e32189a39f66dc8db9cfd

SaaS, On-Prem or Managed Hosting

Get started quickly with our hosted SaaS plans and easily scale to millions of excel files.

Talk to us if you want a single-tenant managed hosting or run cloudxls as a microservice fully on-premises.

Security Features

Cloudxls processes your sensitive data completely in-memory and does not persist, log or cache a single bit. All channels are encrypted.

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Get started now. Pay when you are ready

Every plan comes with unlimited test requests.


49 $/mo

  • Up to 1,000 docs/month
  • Max 10MB per doc
  • Unlimited support and testing

99 $/mo

  • Up to 2,500 docs/month
  • Max 25MB per doc
  • Unlimited support and testing

249 $/mo

  • Up to 10,000 docs/month
  • Max 100MB per doc
  • Unlimited support and testing

Contact us for on-premise licenses or single-tenant managed hosting